Call Centre Agent Performance Evaluation Solutions
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Call Centre Agent Performance Evaluation Solutions

Recognition and Awards

A recognized ‘Best Practice’

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In the CCNews September 1999 Editorial. Bernie Monegain, Editor, recognized the AllThingsValued performance evaluation process as a “Best Practice”. The opening line of the editorial reads “John Carver is on to something, and we think others who run call centers would do well to follow his lead.” Her closing words were “We think Carver has come up with a best practice for performance evaluation and other call centers should adopt it.”

Award for Innovation in a Call Center

ACCE Customer Interface Award For Customer Contact Excellence From 1996 to 2000 Teleprofessional Magazine, an Advanstar Communications International publication, bestowed an annual Award for Call Center Excellence (ACCE) on companies that had implemented highly successful, unique, or clever call center applications. In 2000, Bank of Montreal MasterCard, Customer Sales & Service Call Centre received the award for using the AllThingsValued Performance Evaluation process. The award was awarded for innovation in the Business to Consumer Inbound/Outbound category. To use the words of Teleprofessional magazine ACCE judges, "Excellence is a quality that stands out from the crowd, and the Bank of Montreal MasterCard Call Centre deserves to be recognized."




Customer Care and Services Forum

Retreat June 13 to 15, 2005
Top 10 Best Practices on Motivating Your People

About This Seminar
Imagine that you have a team of agents working in a productive contact center operation that inspires them to perform at the top of their game. Last year’s most popular workshop is back again to explore best practices that motivate, inspire and encourage agents to perform at their best and soar to new heights. Breaking from traditional workshop formats, participants are encouraged to help develop the "Top Ten" best practices that enhance your agent’s spirit and desire to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Voted Number 3 of 18 'Best Practices' put forward by attendees


Name: Peter Van Hezewyk

Type of Innovation:
All Star Rookie

Business Need:
Finding a way to pick CSR performance targets that are realistic, challenging with minimal change and adjustments
Eureka Moment! Hearing about the ‘AllThingsValued’ relative model from John Carver
Results A scorecard methodology that rewards relative performance without the use of targets. A scorecard that inspires continuous improvement for CSR’s with a performance curve that your HR team will applaud
Lessons Learned Even in a unionized environment CSR’s will see to over achieve if the correct scorecard and incentives programs are in place. You can actually run a call centre without targets